Conwy Valley Rotary Club in partnership with Golygfa Gwydyr closed its temporary Foodbank at the end of June 2021. The temporary Foodbank operated to support the Rural Conwy Valley Communities, opening in March 2020 following the operational difficulties experienced at the Conwy Foodbank around the time of the first lockdown.

The Conwy Foodbank as of 1st July 2021 took overall responsibility for Foodbank requests for the Rural Conwy Valley Communities and will continue to provide support to those in need, through liaising with the various carers, social workers, and family centres.

We would like to thank our volunteers; Rosie, Janet, Dave, Phil, and Stuart for all their efforts in running the Foodbank supported by several members from our Rotary Club who have been responsible for all the food purchasing, fundraising and maintenance of all the detailed records.

We would also like to thank the owners of Ty Llewellyn, Llanrwst, for the free use of the building for more than one year which proved vital towards our provision and the several charities, local Charitable institutions, individuals, and local groups that we would also like to thank, who have provided the additional funds in support of the scheme.

For those of us involved with the operation of the temporary Foodbank, we are delighted that we have been able to contribute this service to the residents of the Rural Conwy Valley and we wish continued good health to all!

Our Very best wishes.

On behalf of Rotary in partnership with Golygfa Gwydyr / The Conwy Valley Temporary Assistance Fund.