The Rotary Foundation is our international Rotary charity, this committee looks after raising money and awareness of the Rotary Foundation and it’s projects such as the Polio Eradication project.

In July 2017 we held a “Charity Summer Ball” in aid of polio eradication which raised over £5,000.  This money was double matched by a grant from the Bill & Melisa Gates Foundation meaning that the final total was over £15,000, or to put it another way, the ball raised enough money to provide around 45,000 vaccines to help protect children against polio!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and the guests at the ball for their help in raising this fantastic amount.

If you are in the Llanrwst area you may also have seen us selling purple crocus bulbs or some of the displays in the area – so far we have planted 5,000 bulbs (with the help of the local community) and sold another 5,000 bulbs, again this is to raise awareness and funds for polio eradication.